House Stuff

Wayne taping the ceiling over the fireplace.

Test patches

We made it home with the mattress and box spring still on top of the car!

So, we're finally both in town for a weekend, so we had some house stuff we had to accomplish. First, my parents will be here in less than a month (yay!) for a month, and then Wayne's parents come in February (yay!), so it was a priority to find a queen mattress set to put in the bed frame we have for the guest room. There's a website, Ramstein Yard Sales, where Americans buy and sell things they no longer need and I have alerts out for a lot of the things we need for the house. I was pleased to find a nice mattress set, so we went to get it today. We were so fortunate that we went when it wasn't raining (it was this morning, as it usually is this time of year, but stopped in time for us). We were a bit hesitant about tieing it to the top of the station wagon, but luckily Wayne knows knots from his time in the Boy Scouts and the Navy and was able to tie it very securly to the car and we made it up the mountain to our house and everything. Now we just need the furniture to arrive this week before Wayne goes to Kuwait!

The other thing we wanted to accomplish this weekend, before the furniture arrives, is painting the huge, ugly blue room. Yesterday I went to a hardware store and got tape and some paint samples in preparation. I was able to tape the floor boards and around the windows and fireplace and had to leave the ceiling taping to Wayne. I took the German-English dictionary that Marika gave us to the store and was quite proud of myself for being able to get that errand done. Today we went to a better hardware store, Hornbach, which Wayne thinks has to be owned by the same company as Home Depot because it's all the same orange signs and looks very similar inside. We wanted a shade in between two of the samples I had and one of the store employees came up to us to ask if we needed help and was so helpful. I think we'll like the color we chose. It'll be a nice backdrop for a variety of fabrics and our current furniture and pictures. Anything would be better than the hideous blue it now is!

I'm one month from my due date today. Wayne goes to Kuwait,Bahrain, and Dubai this coming Friday through the next Friday. He forgot that it's normal for a baby to come 2 weeks before or after the due date, but 2 weeks from today is still the day after he gets back, so I think we'll be ok. Things so far have been very by the book, so I'm not worried.
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