Greta's Gallery of Cute Clothes and Funny Faces

Cute cardigan I wear all the time
Tongue out face
What'cha gonna put in your pockets, little girl?
Greta-Bear in elastic waisted jeans!
Eyore overalls & sheepskin booties
Kimono-inspired footie onesie
One of many all-pink outfits!
Cute little piggie!
Love this lavendar outfit
Mommy, I'm cute but not happy in my "old lady pocket in front pants"
Lavendar footie onesie (jammies) that I've now grown out of!
Hot stuff in pink, again
Giraffe feet onesie from Grandma 'Nita
Mommy LOVES this hat on me!
I wore this pretty outfit to church today, and am about too big for it already even though it says 3 months and I'm only 2 months old!
Just 5 of the onesies I've already grown out of (I'm a baby, I can end a sentence with a preposition!).
Sweet face
Happy face
Sleepy face
Pouty face
Paci face
Fist in front of my (tired) face
Asleep chubby face
Alert face
Happy face
Sleepin' on Daddy face
Mad face
Curious face
Sleeping cheeks face
Funny hair face
Engaged face
Annoyed face
Sly face
Yawny face
Dreamy face
Aw Mom, another picture? face

When people gave me such cute outfits for Greta, I thought I'd take a picture of her every day so they could see her in their gifts. Well, that did not happen, but here's as close as I got to that idea... I'll add more pics to this post as she grows into more cute outfits. Also, I think that Greta can look so different in different circumstances and moods, so that's why I added the funny faces section.

Growing and changing are what this little girl is about lately! Greta had her 2 month well-baby doctor appointment the other day (fortunately someone cancelled as we're on "Space-A(vailable)" now for well-baby doctor appts. at Landstuhl hospital) and she's now 12.6 pounds and 23 inches long. At birth she was 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 20 inches, so that's a lot of growing for 2 months! She is in the 90th percentile for weight (meaning 90% of baby girls her same age weigh less than her), the 80th% for height and 30th% for head size.

She also had to have 5 vaccinations at that appt--one oral and 4 shots. Mommy and Grandma Jackie did not like that part. Mommy had to hold Greta's arms down and look into her face as they gave her the shots and Grandma Jackie stood in the corner out of the way, not having to see Greta's little face when she got the shots.

The nurses asked if I wanted them all at once or one after another. I chose all at once, so the two of them each had 2 syringes in their hands and had them in 2 spots on her chubby thighs. They counted to 3 and put all 4 needles in Greta at once. When they did that her eyes got so big like "how can anyone hurt me so much?" and she screamed. Mommy did not like that, but brave little Greta only cried for a few minutes and was then ok. Grandma said it was a good thing her daddy was not there to witness the shots.

The doctor prescribed infant's Tylenol saying Greta might be feverish, sore and cranky for the next 2 days. I gave Greta the first two doses of Tylenol as a preventative measure, but she didn't need any more after that and has been her usual self since then.
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