Trier, Germany April 2009

Porta Nigra (Roman city wall, late 2nd century AD)

Oops, forgot to rotate, city sewer manhole cover

Craftsman's fountain
Don't know why this guy wore his fairy outfit today?
We couldn't quite figure out what point this poster was trying to make?
Wayne showing what he thinks of Karl Marx's birthplace

Viking at toy store

Spiel means 'play' Maybe they give out Monopoly money here?
Judengasse translates as "Jew Ghetto"
Look hard in second floor rounded windows...possibly the most subtle golden arches anywhere.

Kirsty & matching flowers in front of the Rhenish State Museum (& cafe we patronized).
Fountain of St. Peter on the market square
Flowers for sale in the market square
I bought some tulips
Pretty building in the market square
Market Square

The Cathedral (Dom)

Spring in Europe, ahhh!
Courtyard to/of Liebfraukirche (from Dom)

Reminded me of Westminster Abbey
Greta's first cathedral, 3 months old, priceless
A guy who has been dead a long time
Dom (cathedral) interior

Palais Walderdorff at Domfreihof

Liebfrauenkirche--Gothic in style (right next to Dom--Romanesque)


Cute restaurant
She's sure our favorite!
Sleepin' during our coffee break

Lovely park cafe
Time for kase kuchen, cappuchino & Coke
Sleepin' and holding on to Daddy's finger
Imperial Roman baths 3rd century, from above
Imperial Baths caldarium

Baths, underground

There were so many tunnels...
and it was much colder down there than above, in the sunshine

Someone painted Constantine's pinky toenail red!

Ah, daffodils-a sure sign that spring has sprung!

Medieval city wall

Rhenish State Museum & Medieval gate

Electoral Palace & Statues by Ferdinand Tietz
We did not put the flowers there!
Constantine Basilica & Electoral Palace

Electoral Palace

Kirsten & Flora

Entrance portal to archbishop's complex
Red Tower
Greta's first time in the Baby Bjorn on Daddy
Clark Griswald
Karl Marx will show you around Trier
Sight seeing bus
Sight seeing Tram

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