Sunday Walk

Again, problems. I meant to keep typing after the pictures of our room in the previous post and couldn't figure out how, so here's another entry. And I don't know why this is all underlined. Ugh, I'm a blog moron.

So, as I said it seems the locals like to spend Saturdays shopping and enjoying the Pedestrian Platz, on Sundays they go for walks. In the woods, in parks, everywhere. In family groups, as couples, groups of friends... So, Wayne and I decided to do what the locals do and we were out driving in the Landstuhl area (because I like it there, it's cute and mountainy, so I was scouting the area to see if we'd live there) and put Park into our Navi and drove to the nearest one. It turned out to be Ohmbachsee (a lake), so we
did a lap around it and took some pictures for your viewing pleasure.


Wayne was surprised to see what looked like
Black-eyed Susans, native to the U.S.
Very moist plants growing on the side of a hill.
You can't see it, but there was lots of dew on this
grass and it was afternoon.

A fun slide down the hill with some children enjoying it.
This was a neat kids' play area. In nicer weather, there
would have been water coming out the top and following
the hollowed out logs down to the bottom.
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