Follow up to Week One

Ok, I meant to add this blog entry sooner, but we had some technical difficulties (cable from camera to computer was shot) and we've been so busy lately that when we got home for the evening I was just too tired! I know that the last blog entry would have been better if the pictures had captions, but I learned that retroactively adding pictures to a posted blog with text is not the way to go. The captions I tried to add would just go randomly into my paragraphs. And I still can't figure out how to insert pictures right where I want them instead of dragging them down from the top. That's why two of the pics got cut off. Can anyone help?? When Wayne has some time, he said he'd help me reformat.

But for now, I'll go through them quickly...The first one of us was taken in St. Louis by the arch when we dropped off our car there to be shipped here. Our sponsor was picking us up at the airport and didn't know what we looked like, so that was to send to her. Then there are two of the old church in the middle of the Pedestrian Only area in Kaiserslautern. The next one is Wayne in front of the good Italian restaurant/hotel where we ate. The next few are of the Pedestrian shopping area too--a doggie in a shoe store, kids playing on rockers and the flower market, and the Cafe Extra Blatt, the restaurant we ate at twice. There are a few of the carnival. The one of my frowning and pointing to the swings at the carnival was b/c he wouldn't let me ride it "in my condition." There's a picture of him pointing to Yoda stuffed animals you could win at the carnival and the other is a video of a hokey singing Moose on top of a bar stand at the carnival.

I said I'd take pics of the inside of our temporary quarters, so here they are...

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