Third weekend here

So, Wayne is in Amaan, Jordan right now. He wanted to blog from there, but forgot the cable to transfer the pictures from his phone, so he'll have to do that later. I also don't have any pictures for this blog, sorry!

Yesterday I went to the holiday bazaar at the army post in Heidelberg with Leigh, Wayne's HR manager. Her son is a boy scout and had to bus tables there for a while. There were a lot of vendors selling hand made pottery, ornaments, cheese, chocolates, antiques and such things. I just bought a hand painted bunny rabbit Christmas ornament from Casimir, India for the baby. Then we had dinner in Heidelberg in a restaurant on their pedestrian platz. Heidelberg is a pretty city and I'm really bummed I didn't get to take pictures to share with you. By the time we got off base, it was dusk and the pics weren't taking. Wayne and I will definitely want to go back and spend a day there. Plus, the nearest IKEA is near there. There's a river with beautiful houses on the hill on the other side of it. There is also an old castle up high on a hill overlooking the city, and the pedestrian platz is so much nicer than in Kaiserslautern, with cute stores and lovely apartments. After dinner I had some pretty good gelato which made me happy.

This morning I had Sunday brunch on base. Among other things, I had a biscuit and gravy, but the gravy was labeled "meat sauce." I thought that was funny. Then I went to an American church with Robin Hinson and her family (friend of a friend of a high school friend, we hooked up via Facebook). I'm tempted to jump right into women's ministry groups, but I'd also like to check out the other American churches in the area to see which we'd most like to attend.
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