Here by myself

So I'm kind of lonely and bored. I was listening to Christmas music and thinking how festive it would be to stroll through Crate & Barrel at Oakbrook mall this time of year. Wayne is on his sixth day in Amaan, Jordan. He'll have a lot to blog when he gets back, but I'll report some of the highlights. Today Wayne got holy water and some mosaic tiles from the place that Jesus was baptized. Right now he's at an Iraqi's house (in Amaan) for dinner, some special traditional dish, I forgot what it is. He ordered French toast and bacon for breakfast and got a stack of toast with the crusts cut off and a slab of meat. He is really enjoying his time there and the people he has met. He also reports that Royal Jordanian Airlines is a fabulous airline.

Yesterday, I went with Leigh to Decathlon, a discount sporting goods store, to buy Wayne the clothing and boots he'll need for terrorism school next week in London. Of course he already owns most of the stuff I had to buy him, but no one told us to pack that stuff separate from our household goods which are still on a boat somewhere in the Atlantic. I can't wait 'til they arrive, because I really miss some of our stuff! Also, I can't wait 'til our car gets here. Wayne likes his '90 BMW, but I'm not such a fan. Of course, we really miss the dogs too. They're keeping Mom and Dad company and entertaining their guests in Homewood.

I had an appointment today at the housing office, but of course, nothing happens on the first try, so I have to go back tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have a signed rental contract and will have arranged for temporary furniture to be delivered to the house, and will then have the date I can move in there. I finally got to a water aerobics class today. The pool is fabulous, just opened two months ago. But, I got to the class 25 minutes late after getting lost on Ramstein Air Base--it's huge! As I said before, on a military base the buildings all look the same and are just numbered. Plus, the limited map I have of it doesn't list things in alphabetical order and picks weird things to list over others. Great to know where the Popeye's is, but not the Chili's. Glad to know where the Auto Recycling Center is, but not the pool. I ate at the Chili's there for lunch, which was great, but got lost again on the way out and actually drove over the runway for those huge cargo planes. It was an actual street, but I was still scared! I took the LONG way out and it took FOREVER. I was so happy when I finally got to the main gate. I am more confident about driving myself places since Wayne bought the Navi (navigation system--everyone uses them here).

I am so sick of AFN (American Forces Network). I actually watched "The View" and "Dr. Phil," shows I wouldn't watch at home if there were anything better on. Also, since there's so little else, I see SO much cable news. Didn't the election end over a week ago? Can't they think of anything else to cover 24-7? Well I do a lot more computer and reading now anyway.
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