Working In The Big Sandbox

Wayne here,
finally contributing to Kirsten's fine literary collection of our adventures in Germany.

As many of you know, my new career takes me to many far flung parts of the world. In my previous job is was all about going to China, this job is all about the Big Sandbox, the Middle East; Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and yes, Iraq (Green Zone Only.)

As a quick recap from what Kirsten has told you, I am the Business Development Director for the Expeditionary Edition of Stars and Stripes Newspaper. What does this really mean, I am the advertising man on the ground in the hot spots of our armed forces.

This simply means that I get to go where ever the U.S. Military is firing loud metal projectiles out of long sophisticated weapons. Really, our mission is to support the troops in the field, what we call "Down Range" with a hometown newspaper. Stars and Stripes has been around since the Civil War and since then has not been published anywhere in the United States and has the sole purpose of serving our troops overseas. However, in good old American fashion, there is still advertising, I mean what would these guys be fighting for if there was no advertising :) So, if you would like to check out the U.S. Military Stars and Stripes Newspaper just follow the link: and you can see all our daily editions.

I thought you would like a little insight on why we moved here, crazy enough, but I feel I am doing my little part to help the troops as much of the money goes to the MWR sort of like the USO to help service members and their families.

I hope will have the time to keep adding my contributions to the blog of the places I have gone and people I have met.
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