Snow Day

This is the scene we woke up to today.

A shot from our snowy walk.

Our neighborhood in the snow.

View from our dressing room window.

Our house in the snow and the car that isn't snow-ready that's making us shut-ins today.

Wayne "shoveling" our steps with the car scraper since our shovels aren't here yet.

Ready for our walk!

So, we woke up today excited to finally go pick up our POV (Personally Owned Vehicle). Wayne had been checking the website for days to see if our car made it over the ocean, and then finally yesterday afternoon, he called me with the news that it had finally arrived and we could go pick it up this morning. So we got up and got all ready and then opened the Rolladens (like outside blinds that German houses have on them and put all down at night) to see the snow coming down. No problem, you say, wait for the snow plows. Yeah, those don't come here. That's why everyone is supposed to have snow tires on their cars from O to O (October to Ostern=Easter). When we bought the BMW second car, there were supposed to be 4 new snow tires included, but when we went to get them put on we learned that 2 of them have dry rot and you cannot put 2 snow tires on and 2 regular tires by German law, so we don't have a good snow car in our driveway yet. BUT the Audi station wagon that is waiting for us to pick her up has 4 wheel drive (and we are hoping all weather tires, or else we need to buy 6 snow tires instead of 2), so if we'd gotten her one day sooner, we probably wouldn't be shut-ins today. Well, no one ever said snow days were all bad. Wayne is having to take a comp day, but I'd rather know he's safe and not sliding in the snow. Now, tomorrow is another matter. I don't think this is a one day snow, so we'll have to reassess in the morning. Oh, also playing into the decision was that our friend, Leigh, totaled her Saab station wagon last week going down her hilly road on ice. Our neighborhood is hilly too.

We do have our wood fireplace in use, which should over the course of the winter, save money on the oil used to heat the floors on the first level and radiators on the second floor. Plus, a fire burning is always a nice touch to a home.

As I write this, the snow continues to blow rather diagonally past the windows. It's a good day to catch up on blogging as we'd been in Northern Germany and England the past few weeks and I didn't have a chance to blog. Also, Wayne is also needing to blog about his trip to Amaan, Jordan, and "terrorism school" in England. So, stay tuned, the next few entries will take us back over the past few weeks of travels...

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