Greta's Third Week & Heidelberg

Here are some recent pics of Greta. We're continuing to thoroughly enjoy dressing her up in all the cute outfits people gave her andseeing her cute little body when we give her baths. Wayne had to go back to work this week. That was sad, but that is why we're here in Germany and what's allowing me to stay home with her. Her grandparents love being with her every day and will miss her terribly when they go back to the States at the end of this month. I'm sure she'll miss them too. Luckily her other grandparents will be here to meet her in February. We decided that while Ken & Anita are in Europe, they'd better see more than the inside of our house, so yesterday, we took Greta on her first all-day outing to Heidelberg--a cute city an hour from here. They have a great pedestrian platz with much cuter stores than Kaiserslautern, an awesome castle, and neat homes along the river. We ate at a nice traditional German restaurant in the Hotel Ritter. Dad enjoyed his assorted game entree and half of both Mom's and my Schnitzel platters. Greta was a good little traveler. She slept most of the time until the car ride home when she'd scream anytime the car was stopped. It was nerve-wracking getting out of the city (b/c of all the traffic lights) and during a stau (traffic jam), but after that she went back to sleep for the rest of the ride home. We were all tired when we returned, but had a good day. Mom and Dad are very excited to be going to another country this weekend. Graham and Myra Jones invited them to help celebrate Graham's stepmother's 90th birthday. We told them what a wonderful time we had with the Jones family when we were there for Myra's 70th birthday.
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