Greta Bear is now 5 1/2 weeks old!

Greta & "Pink Doggie"

Sleepin' on Dad
After a bath
Greta Bear--she got this nickname from this outfit. It has Teddy Bears on it. That, and she grunts like a bear.
Hangin' out on the Boppy
Sleepy girl!

What 'chu talkin' 'bout Momma?
Onesie say's "I'm the cutest ever." Must be true then!

Here are some recent pics. There is a cute story about the first one. I used to babysit for Carson & Trevor Real. When I started they were 4 and 2 1/2. Trevor (the younger one) had a "Blue Doggie" that he had to have during naps and carried him around whenever he needed comfort or a friend. Rachael (their mom) e-mailed me that Trevor picked out a gift for Greta and that I'd laugh when I saw what it was, so I was thinking it would be something boyish like a Thomas the Tank Engine bowl or something like that. But, when I got the package, I was so touched to find a "Pink Doggie!" What a thoughtful gift for a (now) 4 year old to pick out for a baby girl. He loved his so much that he wanted Greta to have one too. As you can see from the picture, she took to it right away, and it even let's her cheat a little having her head up for "tummy time."

Mom & Dad (Anita & Ken) left about a week ago after being here for Greta's first month. It was very sad as they'll not get to see her in person again until she's 5 months old. But, we have a video camera on Skype, so they can at least see her kind of live. Plus, we'll try to keep uploading pics and videos on this blog. Video camera battery still needs to be charged (Wayne!), so I haven't even seen yet the video we made of Greta smiling at Grandma 'Nita. Now, she smiles with her whole face, starting w/ her eyes and it's SO cute. I'll have to work on catching that on video!

Since Mom & Dad left, the household has gone a bit to pot. Mom had been doing so much cooking and laundry doing and they both did some cleaning (who knew Grandpa Ken vacuumed!?) and also Greta-holding, so I could at least do some things in a day besides hold and feed her. But, I've finally gotten her in the Baby Bjorn w/o screaming--briefly. We vacuumed the family room rug yesterday. That was the big accomplishment while "baby wearing." I'm still trying to figure out how to carry Greta in the Hot Sling w/o crying, but that hasn't happened yet. With a 3 story house with trecherous stairs, it's so hard to do laundry when Greta isn't sleeping b/c I can't carry her and a laundry basket up or down the stairs (same goes for about anyting). She'll sit in her little swing long enough for me to take a shower (sometimes) w/o screaming and I got her a second Boppy Chair for the other level, but this is one baby who prefers to be held when awake. I'm gradually learning to get a few more things done in a day alone w/ her, but it's still so little! Thank goodness Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Fred arrive tomorrow!
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