Growin' and Smilin'

Smiling at Grandma Jackie
In her pink outfit at 3 days
Same outfit at 6 weeks!
Greta-bear sleeping in her "portable bassinet" (a.k.a. expensive stroller!)
Since we don't have a crib yet, we put her mobile on this, she loves it!
Cuddle bug likes to sleep like this on Daddy
With Grandpa Fred in her "teeth are overrated" onesie from Dentist friend CarlaPumpkin head
Grandma Jackie & Greta-bear
Sweet baby girl

Greta turned 6 weeks old yesterday (well, actually last night at 11:24 pm!). We cannot believe that it's been 6 weeks already since she was born. That was such a special night, I think back to it and wish we'd gotten video of those first precious moments. She has a cry that starts with a face and progresses to mwaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! that Wayne remembers she's been doing since birth. I remember holding her little bum in my hands with her on my chest. We can't believe how much she has grown! When she was born she was such a little peanut and now she actually feels heavy when we pick her up. On Wednesday we have an appointment with the lactation consultant, so we'll get to see how much she weighs now. Our bathroom scale is one of those things we wonder what the movers did with--lost it, put it in storage and we'll see it again in 3 years??

The best thing Greta has been doing lately is smiling at us! These are genuine smiles that start with her eyes and spread all over her face. I've had a hard time getting them on film. The one above Grandpa Fred took while Grandma Jackie was holding her. I've grabbed the video camera a few times when she was smiling, but then she stopped. So, whenever I get a smiling session on video, I'll post it to the blog.

We keep wearing all of our cute outfits, even just around the house, as we know she'll grow out of them too soon. In the beginning, I felt like I didn't have enough clothes that were small enough to fit her, and not she's grown out of about 5 of her onesies.
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