Easter 2009

Greta's first Easter basket
Greta & Aunt Susan
Greta & her bunny & duckie bib on Easter
Yummy lamb cake
Lucky pig cake?
Nigel & Connie
Cheryl & Heather
Leigh, the hostess for Easter dinner
Greta in the dress Kirsten's Grandma Coletta and Grandpa Werner brought back from Hawaii which Kirsten wore 33 years ago (at 9 months, Greta is 3 months!).
Greta w/ Easter flowers
Daddy & Greta Easter morning
Sunrise Easter morningChicks in sunglasses
Greta ready for her first playdate.
Tristan (friend she had her playdate with).
Greta's jammies that Daddy bought in DubaiPajama time, Mommy & Greta
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