Chicago trip May 2009

Great Grandma Mary meets Greta

Uncle Brett meets Greta

Great Grandpa Mel meets Greta

Lindsay & Greta

Greta with Godparents Russell & Lindsay Jahnke

Greta take a bottle (well, kind of) from Lindsay

Kirsten & Lindsay at Panera (miss it!)

Sittin on Heinrich with my tummy sticking out of my Dubai jammies
Mommy & Greta

Jenn, Alec, Kirsten & Greta

Kirsten, Greta, Kristine & Stanley

Greta's first haircut (does our hair color match? Good job, Gina!)

Eating the salon gown

Ladies in Red

Greta's first lunch at Portillos

Kirsten, Greta, Fiona, Kiera, Ian & Martin

Kirsten, Greta & Wayne

Kirsten, Greta, Tejal & Kiera

Greta & Mommy ready for Lilly's and Megan's Birthday Party

Megan's, Courtney's & Jenny's kids at the kids' table
Ella Ermshler & Karen Matthys

Lilly, the Birthday Princess

Ready for a walk around Mommy's old 'hood

Greta & Great "Aunt" Louise

Chillin' on the Patio

Very interested in "Pat the Bunny" read by Great Aunt Arlette

White Sox Fan Grandpa Ken holds Cubs Fan Greta
Grandma 'Nita, Greta & Heinrich

"My new doggie brother is soft!"

Tired on the trip back from Kankakee

Purple Kirsten, Greta & Great Uncle Lyle

Grandpa Ken with sleeping Greta
Greta with Great Grandma Mary

4 Generations: Greta, Kirsten, Anita, Mary

Ken, Mel, Wayne, Anita, Mary, Kirsten & Greta (4 generations w/ husbands)

Cubs fans Daddy & Greta

Aunt Megan, Uncle Brett & Greta

Greta with Aunt Megan

Loving taggie friend Elsie the Elephant from Megan & Lilly Boyter
Ella Ermshler with Greta & Jack Ermshler
Abbie Deuter, Lilly Boyter, Jane Ermshler, Jack Ermshler, Ella Ermshler with Greta and Carolina Deuter
Thanks to Mom & Dad (Anita & Ken), we got plane tickets to Chicago for a nice visit in May so that everyone (especially Great Grandma Mary and Great Grandpa Mel) could meet Greta and so that we could bring the dogs back to Germany with us. I was a bit anxious about how Greta would do on the trans Atlantic flight outside of the womb and how she'd adjust with jetlag and our busy schedule visiting as many friends and relatives in the Chicago area as possible, but I needn't have worried, as she was a champion world traveler. We were also worried about how the "boys" (dogs Buddy and Heinrich) would fare on the flight (especially sensitive worrier Bud), but they seemed to do well as well. It was just a bit harry for us at the airports with baby, luggage, dogs and their big crates!

It was very neat for everyone to meet Greta, including her Uncle Brett and Aunt Megan (plus many of Megan's family!), Great Aunt Arlette and Great "Aunt" Louise, Godparents Lindsay and Russell Jahnke, plus many other family and close friends, some of whom are in the pics. I'll have to add Mom's pics to a later blog as we were so busy at the open house Mom & Dad hosted for us, to which over 50 people came, that I wasn't able to properly photo document it!

We also loved doing typical American things that we'd previously taken for granted such as shopping at Target, eating at Cheeseburger in Paradise and Portillos, having Vito & Nick's pizza and watching TV...WITH A REMOTE (hopefully we'll eventually be able to do that here in Germany too).

I found readjusting to living in Germany after being in the States like going all the way back to square one when we first moved her in October. I was really missing family back home and went from being in a house with, at times, 8 other people, to just me and Greta. So, my caring husband found a cheap flight and my supportive Dad paid for it and Mom flew here on Monday and stays until June 12!!

The hardest part of living in Germany remains not being able to share Greta with family and friends back in the States. There's a reason for the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" and I've come to believe that babies are made for sharing with others. The biggest hurdle for me decide that it was ok for us to move to Germany was that I knew that Mom & Dad had waited a long time to become grandparents and when I told them I was pregnant, I'm sure we were all thinking that there would be at least weekly visits with the baby as we lived about 40 minutes from each other at the time. We thought we were so smart moving back to Chicgo from North Carolina before we had kids, and then the opportunity came up to move to Europe. How could we pass that up? So, it's hard, but the traveling is a wonderful opportunity, as well as Wayne's nice secure federal government job.

Also, we've had or are having so many visitors here that it's easy to forget that we live so far from everyone when we have loved ones in our home! So far, Mom & Dad (Anita & Ken) were here for the month of January (including Greta's birth and first month of life!) then Mom & Dad (Jackie & Fred) were here for a few weeks, then (Greta's) Aunt Susan spent her spring break with us. Now, Mom (Anita) is here again for about 3 weeks, then we will get to visit for the day with Fred & Jackie, Mike & Pat Del Guercio and Tony & Kathy Cavallo during a stop on their Rhine River Cruise. Then Fred, Jackie, and our nephew Kelley will visit for a few days. Then a few days after that my cousins Amy, Lloyd & their son Luke will visit for a few days. Then in mid-July, family friends Graham and Myra Jones will visit from England and in September Arlette and Louise will stay for a visit after their Rhine River Cruise, and hopefully in September Blaine Vajda will also visit. If you're reading this (and you got the blog address from us!) you're welcome to stay at Pension Victor too! Just let us know when you're thinking so we don't overbook or plan to travel during that time.
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    Great pictures, guys!!! It's great to hear about your adventures in Germany!