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So, Grandpa Ken sent Greta a White Sox bib and here are the obligatory pictures. And, if you're wondering, a little more about little G's eating habits. She started out on rice cereal, and we thought she liked it. I then tried squash (recommended as the first in the progression of vegetables & fruits by the doc she saw for her 4 month check-up). She made a "yucky" face and gagged. I know, I know, babies and toddlers can take up to 10 times trying a new food to like it.
Whew, that sounds fun! Then she nixed the homemade sweet potato baby food, and then went on a baby food eating strike, so we let it rest a few days. Then I tried baby oatmeal and pears and she likes that, I think. We try to feed her when we're eating too. She says "Mmmm mmmm mmm." But, as you'll realize that's a sound made with one's mouth closed. At least she eats it, when I put spoonfuls in her mouth when she has it open for another purpose (is that force feeding? I hope not!).

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