Sittin' Pretty

Such a big girl sitting up by myself!

Sitting pretty at the park in my pretty dress from Heather C.

I just love my toes!

Tired in the morning time. A few moments after this pic was taken, I figured out how to unscrew the lid of this travel mug!

Such fun to sit up and play with my blocks!

Mommy thinks I'm cute from the back!

Would you like to play with me?

Aww, ma more pictures? I'm just trying to play with my farm.

These peek-a-blocks are really neat.

What a neat circus train mom found for me.
Isn't my Hungarian dress from the Cavallos so cute?

I love you too, Heiney. Daddy, stop putting letters on my head!

This "wasserball" sure is neat! I like to try to eat it like it's a big apple.

Greta recently started sitting up on her own, and this has opened up a whole new world of toys for her! Also, cousins Amy, Lloyd & Luke sent her a fun foam alphabet mat, so it's the perfect place for her to sit and play (plus now we don't feel like we need an oriental rug to fill that expanse between the family and dining rooms!) She turned 7 months on August 2 she's just so much fun now. She's got quite a personality--funny, laid back, sometimes demanding, a bit persnickity (mostly when she's teething). "Talking" up a storm--still working on her "B" sounds. Bahh, Ba Blah, Ba woo bah. Brett, I think she's working up to saying your name! And a sound I don't know how to type, using her lips and sometimes throat. Know those yellow plastic canaries you filled up with water as a kid and blew through? Like that in her throat.
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