Who's the worst blogger ever?

Me. Sorry if you keep checking to see if there is anything new. I'm sure that must be frustrating! We're very sporadic bloggers. And, as we take more and more Greta pics, it becomes too much to upload them everywhere we'd like. This blog host, in particular, takes forever to upload pictures. I've been trying to put recent Greta pics on my Facebook (often as my profile pic) and uploading ALL of the pictures we take to Snapfish so that we can order prints and other neat things. SO, if you're checking this blog to see if there are any new Greta pics, I'd suggest you do one of two things: If you just want to see a recent shot to see how she is growing, you can create a Facebook profile and send me a friend request. OR if you want to see LOTS (I'm over 400 for this month, people!) of Greta pics, send me an e-mail to add you to our snapfish distribution list to kvictor@urbanhouseliving.com. I generally send out each months' pics at month end, but sometimes more frequently, so you can also let me know how frequently you'd like them sent and if I'm sending out a batch, I'll include you.
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