Greta Dancing The Night Away

Last week we drove from our home in Germany to England for our dear friend Tracie's Wedding in Cambridgeshire. Greta got two more countries stamped in her passport, the UK and France, well traveled 8 month old I would say. A long drive and ferry ride across the English Channel and we finally arrived in England. Tracie's wedding was at the manor house of Oliver Cromwell, of English Civil War Fame and was a wonderful time. As you can see Greta loved it, but I told her not to get any ideas for a very long time. Dad, signing off for now.

A Visit To All The Houses We Lived In While In England

Red Riff on Bulstrode Way, Gerrards Cross

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  1. Carla Says:

    I LOVE it!!!! She will be in good dancing company when she finally meets her "cousins". Hope to see you guys in HH.