1 month in Germany

So, today is 11/16, one month from the day we arrived in Germany. We have definitely made progress in getting settled, but are still not there yet. I'll move out of temporary billeting on Thursday, but we won't get temporary furniture into our house until next Wednesday, so we won't really move into there until then. For 2 gap nights in between when I'm/we're here without furniture, we'll stay with Leigh.

Wayne got back from Jordan Friday evening and left this morning (Sunday) at 8 am for England to attend "terrorism school." He'll learn what to do if kidnapped by terrorists--hopefully knowledge he'll never need to use. I'm flying to London on Friday to visit family friends, Myra and Graham Jones and their family. Wayne will take a train out after he's finished Friday afternoon to join us. As it turns out, it's the weekend Myra turns 70, so we will be joining (crashing) some wonderful family celebrations. Now I need to work on finding a nice maternity dress to wear to the fancy hotel meal (not an easy task here).

Today, Leigh threw me a baby shower with guests that Wayne works with. It was really nice. She put on quite a spread (including homemade cheesecake and carrot cake) and I enjoyed getting to know the women better, and of course it was fun to open presents for our little girl.

I've gone to two water aerobics classes so far. The pool is fabulous. It just opened about 2 months ago. It's on Ramstein Air Base, which is not far from where we'll live. It will be a nice place to take a toddler in the yucky cold months. Also, Wayne and I enjoyed the Chili's on the base last night. The food tastes just the same as in the states and the atmosphere is great for homesick or nostalgic Americans.

Again, a post without pictures. Sorry about that. We'll get our act together sometime, but for now I think the cable that runs from the camera to the computer is with Wayne in England or packed and at Leigh's house? The memory card slot on the laptop isn't really working. Also, Wayne didn't get around to doing his blog about Jordan during the one day he was here, so you'll have to wait for that too.
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