Still finding cool new things here!

Nicely landscaped Stadtpark, Kaiserslautern

Wayne explained the physics of this plaything, but I forgot what principle is at work here!

Cool teeter-totter and fun swings (I can attest!)

Typical German modern construction

Many of their parks have "water features" for the kids to play with

I took pics of pretty buildings lining the park

Look closely: This guy is walking on a tightrope hung between these two trees!

Cool apartment, no?

Fun ropey thing for the kiddos to climb

Ping pong, anyone?

Sculpture or kids' plaything?

Kaiserslautern's "Bean!"


This building houses the awesome tapas restaurant!

So, we can't believe that we've lived in Germany for close to a year now. It's been an eventful 10 months so far, we traveled to Kiel and England, Greta was born, visitors have been with us every month since January (and if Susan comes in December, it will be every month this year!). I've been to Trier four times. All that to say, we haven't just been sitting around the house. But, there are so many cool things just outside our door that we're still discovering.

For instance, we finally took the boys for a "walk in the woods," which is how Germans walk their dogs. Awesome! Next time we go, we'll bring the camera and share the scenery with you. Outdoor German pools, also awesome. And, the pics above are from a great park in Kaiserslautern right next to a GREAT tapas restaurant (thank you Tracie for my birthday dinner there, and for introducing us to this wonderful haunt!). If you'd like to drool at the menu, here's their link: That beautiful building just above is the restaurant, a surviving structure not bombed in WWII. We've also discovered another great traditional German restaurant in a hotel in Quidersbach, the next town over, well actually Graham and Myra did when they were visiting. They were so impressed that we went there the next night too! Dads, we'll go there when you visit again. Also, with my mommies group, I learned that there's a neat Naturwilpark and zoo nearby. Not really counting as a discovery, but this summer I've very much enjoyed sitting on our balcony with Greta after she wakes up from naps watching and listening to the chickens/roosters, cows, sheep, horses, magical flock of birds that mysteriously fly over our village, and tractors.
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